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Jeriel Sydney of Fable Soap & Co, courtesy photo.

Jeriel Sydney of Fable Soap & Co, courtesy photo.

By Nancy A. Shobe

It was the fables of Aesop that inspired Jeriel Sydney of Fable Soap & Co to handcraft small batches of skin and personal care lines that are infused with integrity and love.

​The inspiration for Fable Soap ignited after Sydney and her chef husband, Tim Veatch, left their jobs in San Francisco and moved to Italy. “We were staying in a room that had Aesop’s fables on the walls. The moral of many of the fables are to do what is right and follow your own path … (As part of a culinary journey) in Italy, we learned how to make soap. When we came home, Tim asked me what I wanted to do. I said that I wanted to make soap—I started with handmade soap for my husband, then my friends. A girlfriend took my soap to a store in San Francisco and they said they wanted to wholesale it.”

Fable Soap, courtesy photo.

Fable Soap, courtesy photo.

​Just like her products, Sydney’s business started organically and grew from there. Fable’s soap and skincare line are now found in stores and hotels throughout California, and in Minnesota, Colorado and North Dakota.

“I am very particular about the sourcing of my materials,” says Sydney, “If I could, I would only work with female purveyors—we source all of our raw ingredients from ethical, environmentally-friendly sources.”

“And, I’m really excited about our natural skin care line,” she continues. “It’s a little bit different. You can’t find preservative-free skin care on the Central Coast.  … Our products are targeted at hormonal skin changes because a lot of it is about hormones.” In addition to individual products, quarterly subscription boxes are offered on Fable’s website.
And, in a way of doing what’s right, Sydney, with her business partner Bobbie Cunningham, offer back to the community. For every bar purchased, a bar is donated to a women’s shelter. fablesoapco.com.

Originally published in the Winter 2019 issue of Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine.


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