Chef’s Table: El Viejo at S.Y. Kitchen

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El Viejo from Alberto Battaglini at S.Y. Kitchen.


Our series highlights seasonal recipes selected by head chefs and mixologists at Santa Barbara County’s best restaurants. We hope you will try them in your own kitchen—bon appetit! 

El Viejo

With Mescal, Pineapple, Cilantro, Lime, Agave, Sal De Gusano and Jalapeño. Serves 1.







Jalapeño (optional for a spicy flavor)

Sal De Gusano (Agave Worm Salt)


Pour 2 oz. of mescal into a mixing glass. Add 2 oz. of fresh pineapple puree, add the cilantro and the jalapeño (if you want cocktail to be spicy), add ice and shake it!

Double strain drink into a glass and garnish with Sal De Gusano and cilantro leaf. Enjoy! 

Alberto Battaglini is the Resident Mixologist and General Manager of S.Y. Kitchen. A native of Verona, Italy, he attended Scuola Alberghiera where he learned the fundamentals of cooking and food service and quickly decided that being a chef was not for him. From there he began an ardent love affair with spirits, which took him to Gatwick, London where he met his mentor in mixology, Ian Slater.  

He further honed his mixology passion and skills in Brazil, Spain and Mexico before meeting up with his old school friend Luca Crestanelli (Chef/Partner at S.Y. Kitchen), at Bar Toscana in Los Angeles and eventually coming to Santa Barbara County with Toscana and Bar Toscana owners Kathie and Mike Gordon, who partnered with Crestanelli to create S.Y. Kitchen.

Now happily ensconced at S.Y. Kitchen in Santa Ynez, Battaglini creates his own infusions of spirits and bitters from a local bounty of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

“The soul of mixology is found in all the old recipes that we twist with modern ingredients and tools, in order to play with tastes to give every customer an extraordinary experience,” he says.

This story was originally published in the Fall 2018 issue of Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine.


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