Local Dish: The Grill to Rule Them All

Posted on Sep 17 by SEASONS Magazine

Ferno Grill, courtesy photo.

Ferno Grill, courtesy photo.

Just because summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean enjoying a great barbecue has to. With the new innovative Ferno Grill by Peck Euwer, you’ll never want to leave your grill’s side.

Former film-maker Euwer has always had a passion for improving upon the way gadgets and devices function, especially when it comes to cooking. With his innovative way of thinking, a few years ago he set forth to invent the perfect grill

Close-up on the Ferno Grill, courtesy photo.

Close-up on the Ferno Grill, courtesy photo.

that is far beyond its time. Taking inspiration from an early 60’s charcoal grill, Euwer has created a brand new revolutionary firewheel design that’ll completely solve problems inherent with all other gas grills. 

The Ferno Grill carries a variety of factors that proves it’s one of its kind. The grill is equipped with propriety firewheel technology that allows it to cook low and slow for up to 14 hours. The firewheel feature that inspired the overall design continuously moves the burners up and down, all while giving the cook full control of the flames.

Close-up on the Ferno Grill, courtesy photo.

Close-up on the Ferno Grill, courtesy photo.

For searing, its cast iron grates can “match any steakhouse char broiler,” says Euwer. Not only this, but the grill also works as an excellent pizza oven, a smoker, and by flipping the grates it can be used as a cast iron pan. Whether you are a professional or amateur, cooking on such a grill will not only ensure a wonderful end result, but preparation will come with ease.

Prepare for endless nights of perfect grilling with the hottest grill currently on the market. For more information, info of purchasing or to visit the factory in Goleta visit fernogrills.com.

–– Tatiana Karme


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