Westerlay Orchids Donates $16k to Local Schools

Posted on Jun 9 by SEASONS Magazine

President Toine Overgaag poses with Aliso School students after making a donation, Courtesy photo

Westerlay Orchids President Toine Overgaag poses with Aliso School students after making a donation, courtesy photo.

This spring, Westerlay Orchids held its 10th Annual Carpinteria Greenhouse and Nursery Tour  to give the public a glance at the operations behind domestic flower production and to showcase the exquisite flowers that result from it. However, this year’s tour also focused on giving back to the community, specifically, giving back to public education and youth organizations. From April 9-April 14, the week of the event, all $15,972 of the proceeds earned through Westerlay’s orchid sales were donated to Carpinteria Education Foundation (CEF),  the nonprofit fundraiser partner of the Carpinteria Unified School District. The CEF decided to donate the money to Aliso Elementary School where it will be filtered through a variety of creative and educational programs.

Both Toine Overgaag, the current president of Westerlay Orchids, and his wife, Kandie, feel invested in and value the education of local youth and found a way to support the cause.

“The Annual Carpinteria Greenhouse and Nursery Tour is about showcasing farm operations that are so important in the community. We wanted to take that message a step further by supporting our schools in a way that benefits those who are most fundamental to the community, teachers and students,” says Overgaag.

President Toine Overgaag holding Westerlay Orchid's donation, courtesy photo

President Toine Overgaag holding Westerlay Orchid’s donation, courtesy photo

Westerlay Orchids plays a large role in California’s domestic flower production by currently operating 21 acres of greenhouses and producing over 2.8 million potted Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium Orchids each year, all of which is distributed around the US. The Annual Greenhouse and Nursery Tour gives the public free admission to see the enticing secrets behind the flower world.

—Chloe Hamer


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