Plein Air

Posted on Jun 10 by SEASONS Magazine

By Gudrun Bortman


A robin-egg sky spans the indigo sea, the islands

a smudge blocking the view to beyond.


A pod of blue whales ploughs the channel.


Jacarandas’ last livid blooms speckle the sidewalks.

Bougainvillea riots the walls.

After day’s relentless sun, evening’s soft light sifts

through the strong-limbed oaks. Blue

shadows the rim of my meadow. A feathering breeze.

Strands of bright lanterns, veridian, saffron

and cobalt, a burble of voices, the clack

of bocce at summer’s feast nights.


But there is this too—

craving for rain as the earth hardens, the lush

grasses of spring flatten to ochre, thirst

for a cloud-burst to break the monotony

of months’ cerulean air.

Originally published in the Summer 2018 issue of Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine.









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