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Posted on Jun 24 by SEASONS Magazine

Santa Barbara Know-It-All By Michael Cervin.

Santa Barbara Know-It-All By Michael Cervin.

Who doesn’t pick up a travel book when visiting a new city? And, truth be told, most travel books are informative but blah, blah, blah…boring.

Not so, with local travel writer Michael Cervin’s new book, Santa Barbara Know-It-All: A Guide to Everything that Matters (Reedy Press, 2018).

His 208-page tome about Santa Barbara is honest, forthright, entertaining and downright maddening if one is into hyperbole.

“Just the facts, ma’am” is what Cervin presents. And, the facts are local secrets that even some locals don’t know—like the stone wall frog niche on Santa Barbara’s Riviera or the Carpinteria chocolate factory tour.

Everything in Santa Barbara Know-It-All has been personally vetted, tasted, experienced or consumed by Cervin. “It’s my eighth book, fifth travel book, and it’s the book I’ve always wanted to write,” says Cervin.

“When my first travel book came out, my mom read it cover-to-cover. And, I thought why shouldn’t you read a travel book cover-to-cover? It should read like a regular book,” says Cervin.

If a light-hearted odyssey of Santa Barbara sounds fun, then look no further than the Santa Barbara Know-It-All.

Nancy A. Shobe

This story was originally published in the summer 2018 issue of Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine.


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