View From 18B

Posted on Apr 13 by SEASONS Magazine


View from 18B

By Emma Trelles


It is always the same constellation: the city


And its hopeful torches, a sky caped in wool and thorn.


Music of trains, music of copper wire humming fortunes.


What if the future arrived as a dark blade of wings


Slicing rooftops and the burnished maples below,


Each beak pointing to somewhere I couldn’t imagine?


What if the years descend as a moon, filling each glass


With cautious light? This window holds a face,


Almost detectable, a fading I am learning to endure.


This window a night I’ve scored for years.


It’s December in California and the leaves are still


Turning. I’m alive.


Originally published in the Winter 2016/17 issue of Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine.


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