Santa Barbara International Orchid Show Assembles Global Experts

Posted on Mar 3 by SEASONS Magazine

Photo courtesy Santa Barbara International Orchid Show.

Photo courtesy Santa Barbara International Orchid Show.

The 73rd Annual Santa Barbara International Orchid Show is taking place at the Earl Warren Showgrounds from Friday, March 9 to Sunday, March 11 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day! Growers from all over the world will be present to exhibit their unique and alluring orchids.

In addition to the Orchid Show, the weekend also doubles as the semi-annual conference of the American Orchid Society (AOS), meaning that some of the best horticulturists in the field will be among the masses. The theme is “Orchids — The World’s Greatest Show,” which brings together those who are international or domestic passionate hobbyists and commercial leaders when it comes to orchid-growing,

 Some of the premier California growers that will be presenting are as follows:

  • Santa Barbara Orchid Estate is known for growing healthy orchids and giving expert advice for home gardeners. During the show, this grower will host an open house at their nearby estate simultaneously.
  • Cal-Orchid is known for growing rare species at their Santa Barbara nursery. This family-owned business offers innovative hybrids for indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor growers. Their specialty is their in-house bred and internatonally recognized ‘Pacific’ line of reedstem epidendrums.
  • Huntington Gardens exhibits horticultural prestige all year-round at their Pasadena property. Attendees can expect to a specially cultivated collection from Huntington Gardens at the show.

The international growers that will be presenting are as follows:







Orchids have a long history in Santa Barbara. The first Santa Barbara International Orchid Show took place in 1945 at the Montecito Grange Hall. Years prior, around 1930-1940, residents would often import the exotic plants from the United Kingdom. But as the war was still going strong, the United Kingdom would send orchids to the United States not only per customer request, but also for preservation. Soon enough, many grew to admire the alluring plant and it became more common among the West Coast. As the plant gained more popularity, the show expanded to the Earl Warren Showgrounds rotunda in the 1960s, where it has taken place every year since then. The Central Coast region is known as a large pocket for commercial Orchid growing, making Santa Barbara a fitting location for the International Orchid Show. What was once a rare almost unattainable plant, is now more easily accessible than ever due to cloning and other technological advances in cultivation.

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