Santa Barbara Architects Color Santa Barbara With New Book

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Coloring Santa Barbara, courtesy photo.


Coloring book enthusiasts young and old have a new outlet for their passion—one that serves the cause of local architectural preservation. Coloring Santa Barbara features 31 illustrations by area designers and architects depicting an array of landmarks, cityscapes and related imagery. By turns romantic, whimsical and meditative, the illustrations are accompanied by brief historical notes about each scene and are printed on sturdy card stock suitable for colored pencils, felt pens, and watercolor.

Scenes depicted include El Presidio de Santa Barbara, Casa De la Guerra, Fiesta, Summer Solstice, the Santa Barbara Mission, the Granada and the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, among many others. Pages with illustrations are perforated, allowing for the colored works to be displayed in a standard 9-by-12″ frame.

“This fun book serves as yet another reminder that the city we call home is truly a very special place, and that’s the point,” says Conservancy Board member Steve Hausz, who was instrumental in the design and publication of Coloring Santa Barbara. “We want everyone–Santa Barbara denizens and visitors alike–to be active in appreciating our uniquely beautiful city and especially its architectural heritage.”

The 12 local architects, designers and landscape architects contributing illustrations to Coloring Santa Barbara are: Brian Cearnal, Anthony Grumbine, Britt Jewett, Henry Lenny, William Mahan, Tom Meaney, Courtney Jane Miller, Ryan J. Mills, Jaime B. Palencia III, Christine Pierron, Jeff Shelton and Fred Sweeney. Mary Louise Days, a local historian and retired city planning staff member, and Dr. Richard Oglesby, a retired UCSB professor of history, contributed the text.

Coloring Santa Barbara is the second book to be published by the Santa Barbara Conservancy in many years. Earlier this year the organization received the George and Vivian Obern Preservation Stewardship Award for its 2016 book, Santa Barbara ~ A Guide to El Pueblo Viejo. Presented by the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation, the annual award recognizes individuals or organizations that demonstrate outstanding preservation work in the region.

For a complete list of where to buy the book (which makes a great gift for locals and visitors alike), click here.

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