Ireland, Place Out of Time by Marcia Meier

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Ireland, Place Out of Time is the newest collection of poems and photographs by local Santa Barbara author, Marcia Meier.

This collection is inspired by a trip Meier took to Ireland in 2015, and her lyrical voice captures the lively perspective of a tourist traveling through the heart of a weathered and historical land.

Marcia Meier, courtesy photo.

Marcia Meier, courtesy photo.

The 16 poems are paired with her own photographs, and they depict her experiences encountering the rugged natural landscape, ancient ruins, other travelers and Irish people with their many sheep.

Some poems are lighthearted and playful, while others are touched with sadness. Meier’s writing contemplates the passing of life and time.

A main theme that runs through her poems is that of the enchantment of a land that exists by blending bygone eras with the present, leaving readers with a tapestry of timelessness.

According to Perie Longo, Santa Barbara Poet Laureate Emeritus, Ireland is “a beautiful book that photographs the magic of a certain part of Ireland with poems that sing of the Irish.”

This is Meier’s second collection of photos and poetry published through local Weeping Willows Books (3463 State St., Suite 434). Ireland, Place Out of Time is available for purchase here.

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