Fishing: How the Sea Fed Civilization

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Fishing: How the Sea Fed Civilization by local author Brian Fagan.

The Book Den (15 E. Anapamu St.) is hosting a book event October 15 with Brian Fagan, UCSB Emeritus Professor of Archaeology, for his new book, Fishing: How the Sea Fed Civilization.

Santa Barbara is a coastal town with bountiful waters and a thriving commercial fishing industry. Many local businesses and restaurants revolve around seafood, and this area is a key center for fishermen.

That being said, it seems fitting for community members to attend this event to learn about “humanity’s last major source of food from the wild, and how seafood has enabled and shaped the growth of civilization.”

Archaeologist and best-selling author Fagan discusses the history of fishing, arguing that it is an indispensable and overlooked component in the growth of civilization. According to Fagan, fishing has sustainably provided food and facilitated the growth of cities, nations and empires throughout history – not to mention the entertainment it provides in the modern era through chartered trips with companies like FKF Charters.

Where agriculture encourages stability, fishing demands movement. It frequently requires a search for new and better fishing grounds; fishing technologies are centered on boats, and encourage movement and discovery. Fish themselves, when dried and salted, are the ideal food—lightweight, nutritious, and long-lasting—for traders, travelers and conquering armies.

Fagan’s history of the interaction between humans and seafood tours archaeological sites and fishing cultures worldwide to show readers how fishing fed human settlement, rising social complexity, the development of cities and ultimately the modern world.

Fagan, emeritus professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is one of the world’s leading archaeological writers. His books include Fish on Friday, The Little Ice Age and best-selling book The Great Warming.

Professor Fagan will discuss his new book and sign copies October 15 from 3-5 p.m. For more information about this event please call 805/962-3321.

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