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From the portfolio, Arles/Miami, lithograph, SBMA, Gift of Mr. Richard A. Brodie.

From the portfolio, Arles/Miami, lithograph, SBMA, Gift of Mr. Richard A. Brodie.

Once again this summer, Atelier offers guests an evening of intimate, intriguing and occasionally irreverent interactions with art and artists in the Santa Barbara Museum of Art’s galleries and Front Steps.

Inspired by the Santa Barbara Museum of Art’s (SBMA) current exhibition, You Are Going On A Trip: Modern and Contemporary Prints from the Permanent Collection, this event on July 28 takes the notion of travel and escape, both mentally and physically, while inviting guests to “Get Out of Town” for a surreal summer vacation. Extending its regular hours to complement the long summer nights, Atelier will remain open from 5:30 to 8: 30 p.m providing daylight savings diversions.  Like all good experiences on the road, this one has motion, music, snacks and a little day dreaming with a great companion—art.

The evening begins on the Museum Front Steps where the summer games begin. Inspired by John Randolph Carter’s work from the portfolio Night Croquet (1971), participants are encouraged to reflect one of the featured personas that the artist described as “Robots, Divers, Astronauts and strange animals.” Paired with a zesty cocktail and curated music from KCRW’s DJ Garth Trinidad, guests will play a minimalist version of the game while dressed in a helmet, tail and mask to match their new identity.

Above, Andy Warhol, untitled, 1967, Marilyn Monroe, screenprint; below, courtesy SBMA.

Above, Andy Warhol, untitled, 1967, Marilyn Monroe, screenprint; below, courtesy SBMA.

Then, an assembly line of Museum Teaching Artists speed sketch guests’ portraits on giant plexli panels in the Von Romberg Gallery during the “Picasso Meets Warhol Pop Print Studio” event! Now you can finally take home one of the most unique self portraits you will ever find. Created by artists who scratch the lines through jewel-toned ink, these portraits are a large-scale mono-print that is created by using a plexi as a plate.

Atelier also hosts the award-wining LA-based dance company, Helios Dance Theater, who will perform three 10-minute segments taken from a longer suite of dances that offer a peephole into the contemporary complexities of love and adulthood in a moment of pervasive technology and imperiled privacy. The company’s performance, Heroes and Minor Obsessions—Mind Tripping in 3D, takes place in  the Preston Morton Gallery and includes music from David Bowie, Grant Lee Phillips, and others and featuring original costumes by famed designer Rami Kashou.

The evening also includes virtual reality viewing stations open from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., where guests can participate in the mixed reality experience Heroes, called “magical,” “unequivocally psychedelic,” and “what stole the show” at Sundance New Frontier earlier this year. The project is set to David Bowie’s hit, “Heroes,” and takes participants inside a Microsoft HoloLens AR experience.

Take a break, stretch your legs, and grab a snack and a drink at the Davidson Gallery. Before you get back on the road, enjoy the scenery and your travel companions with signature cocktails from Cutler’s locally distilled gin and vodka, as well as The Brander Vineyard’s deliciously light Cuvee Natalie.

Atelier’s signature cocktails are inspired by artist Ken Price’s gritty illustrations for The Plain of Smokes, the LA scene of the 70s and 80s, and a touch of retro-noir. Try out the Queen of Angels, a combination of the sweet and the noir— just like the City of Angels itself. Imagine a Vodka gimlet with a citrus lift. Embrace your inner Phillip Marlowe and indulge. Or sip on the Long Soak: As refreshing and relaxing as its name, this version of the classic long drink, the gin and tonic, lets you choose the herbal garnish of your choice (rosemary, orange, mint, or lime).

The menu from Fire & Ice Events is road-trip friendly on a miniature scale, featuring mini-Miami sliders inspired by Malcolm Morley’s portfolio Arles/Miami; “Tostitos de Terry,” small-scale deconstructed tacos inspired by Terry Allen’s The Juarez Suite; tempura-coated veggies inspired by Azechi Umetarō’s Skier (Sukiya); and mini ice-cream cones inspired by Masami Teraoka’s 31 Flavors Invading Japan: French Vanilla.

Atelier taps into the nostalgia and idealized daydreams of summer’s past, prompting metaphorical journeys to exotic and familiar locales, eclectic in both style and origin. Like the Charles Garabedian etching the exhibition is titled after, the evening’s activities plant the seeds of a journey—the event is merely the guide; the destination is up to you.

—Danielle Hazlett



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