D. J. Palladino, Nothing That is Ours

Posted on May 3 by SEASONS Magazine

Local author D.J. Palladino, a contributor to Santa Barbara Seasons,  recently published his first novel, Nothing That is Ours.

Palladino completed this impressive task while producing Magic Lantern film series for UCSB, writing for a number of other local publications and and running the Mesa Bookstore on Cliff Drive.

The synopsis of the Palladino’s book, Nothing That is Ours, promises to take readers on a dark but revealing quest: On a gray winter day in 1958, the body of a man washes up on Santa Barbara’s breakwater. He has wounds much like those of the crucified Christ. Trevor Westin, a young writer with deep family connections to the city, sees murder where the local press and powers see only a simple case of drowning. Trevor goes on a dangerous search for answers. Along the way he will cross paths with beatniks, beach bums, Aldous Huxley, Dennis Hopper and agents from the CIA. He will also be introduced to the brave new world of hallucinogenic drugs.

“In his visionary and completely original debut, D.J. Palladino shows us how the California of Raymond Chandler turned into the land of Huxley and Pynchon and blew the mind (while transforming the consciousness) of the world. This is a light-filled, haunting, entirely essential work whose afterglow grows steadily more and more intense,” states Pico Iyer, author of Video Night in Kathmandu and The Lady and the Monk.

Palladino will have a book signing on May 4 at 7 p.m. at Chaucer’s, 3321 State St.

—Toby Qualls


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