Jane Gottlieb’s Fantasy Gardens

Posted on Apr 11 by SEASONS Magazine

Jane Gottlieb Fantasy Gardens, on view at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

Jane Gottlieb Fantasy Gardens, on view at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

Remember the kid in grade school that always had the 24-box of color crayons while the rest of us tried to make-do with the ordinary eight-pack? Or how about entering into those coloring competitions that were passed out in the check-out line at the grocery store. Remember how those who used the most color, stayed more “inside the lines,” and used harmonious color schemes were awarded or became the popular kids of the classroom? Well, Jane Gottlieb was definitely that child with the 24-box of crayons, but she was never the type to stay inside the lines.

Unlike most, Gottlieb’s expresses her love of art through a unique combination of paint, shapes, colors, and photography to create a whole new world of uplifting reality. Her ideas are first painted with vivid colors on Cibachrome prints, and then scanned, Photoshopped, and produced on aluminum, canvas, and paper. Gottlieb started exploding her color stills and altering reality more than 35 years ago, and for the last 25 years, she been scanning her one-in-a-million prints and collection of Kodachrome slides and creating an idyllic vision in a voice that is distinctly her own.

Channel Islands, 2017 (archival dy sublimation print on aluminum) by Jane Gottlieb.

Channel Islands, 2017 (archival dy sublimation print on aluminum) by Jane Gottlieb.

Traveling across the seas, Gottlieb paints fanciful vibrant artworks that are inspired by the natural and man-made world. Countless art museums and institutions throughout the world have honored Gottlieb’s inventive crafts, and over 100 large artworks are currently on loan for ten years at UC Los Angeles and UC Santa Barbara.  Her creative voice has inspired two novels to be written about her, and she has been the spotlight feature of various publications, such as the Los Angeles Times, Elle Magazine, and American Photographer Magazine, as well as Santa Barbara Seasons MagazineStarting April 14, Gottlieb’s one-of-a-kind imagination will be on display at the one of the nation’s oldest botanic gardens, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (1212 Mission Canyon Rd.).

Lasting until the July 5, the exhibit, “Fantasy Gardens,” will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Pritzlaff Conservation Gallery. A private reception will be held on Thursday, April 13, to launch this four-month-long display of Gottlieb’s ability to transform  the real-life landscapes of Europe, Bali, and the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden into dream-like wonderlands.

The exhibition is free with paid admission to the Garden, and the 14 masterpieces included in the exhibition are for sale with a generous percent of the proceeds benefiting the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

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