The Power and Healing of Writing Your Memoirs

Posted on Feb 21 by SEASONS Magazine

Cynthia Waring, photo by Misha Christopher Michael.

Cynthia Waring, photo by Misha Christopher Michael.

Cynthia Waring, an author and performance artist, will teach two six-week courses on memoir writing beginning February 27 (Wednesday sessions will begin March 1). Her course is called “The Power and Healing of Writing Your Memoirs,” the two hour classes will take place at 7 p.m. on Mondays and 3 p.m. on Wednesdays at the Family Therapy Institute of Santa Barbara (111 E. Arrellaga St.). 

“What I most want to inspire in my students is love of language, love of metaphor, and love for their very own story,” says Waring. “In my own case, finding my voice and story through writing opened a path of self-discovery. I can honestly say that the process can be very therapeutic and lead to an emotional awakening. These classes will emphasize the creative process and strategies for fostering self-expression.”

Waring was born in Modesto. She published poetry and essays before embarking on a long career as a massage therapist. She was determined to chronicle her interesting experiences with patients who often revealed their private thoughts, beliefs and insecurities during therapy sessions. She spent 15 years writing what would become Bodies Unbound, her personal memoir published in 1997. At first, publishers rejected the manuscript. Instead of this discouraging Waring, this encouraged her to start a one-woman show of the same name. Her first performance in Boulder, Colorado was met with a standing ovation. She went on to perform in Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, Ojai, Santa Barbara and Edinburgh, Scotland. Soon after this tour, she landed a publishing contract with Books Beyond Borders.

For more information, visit or call 805/798-2930.

—Lauren Bennett


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