Michelle Ebbin & Her Touch Remedy

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Michelle Ebbin, courtesy photo

Michelle Ebbin, a massage and wellness expert, author and entrepreneur, has taught and inspired many to appreciate the benefits of touch therapy throughout both her bestselling books and her famous products.

Always remembering her “yaya” (Filipino word for nanny) massaging her back with oils whenever she felt sick, Ebbin is unable to recall a time when touch therapy was not present in her life. As a ballet dancer, who also appeared in MTV music videos, she has always stressed the importance of taking care of one’s body. However, after painfully injuring her leg on a video shoot for Heavy D’s hit song “Now That We Found Love” in 1990, her interest concerning the powers of touch immediately blossomed. After completing her degree at Columbia University, she attended the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing to study touch, natural health, and alternative healing practices.

Ebbin states, “I’ve been researching and experimenting with different mind-body therapies for over 20 years so I can now give you the lowdown on exactly how and why something works.”

In 1994, Ebbin (who now lives in Santa Barbara) founded Basic Knead, originally as a massage therapy practice based in Los Angeles, working with celebrity clients and movie studios. The company soon flourished as she began creating remarkable products, such as the renowned “Reflexology Sox,” and DVDs to teach people the wonders of touch therapy.

Her techniques, including Acupressure, Reflexology and more, are simple and easy, and can be viewed in her newest book, The Touch Remedy: Hands-On Solutions to De-Stress Your Life. Ebbin’s primary purpose in writing this best-selling guide is to provide everyone, ranging from babies to adults, and even pets, the latest, most progressive research on touch therapy and its healing effects on not only pain and fatigue but also anxiety and depression. Many people are unsure about the real benefits of touch despite the ancient use of it throughout many different cultures. Having experienced the benefits of massage and touch therapy on stress and staying balanced in her own life, Ebbin wants people to stop seeing massage as a once-in-a-while luxury, and to start incorporating it into their daily life.

“The Touch Remedy: Hands-on Solutions to De-stress Your Life”

Some of Ebbin’s favorite therapies include deep tissue massage, reflexology, meditation, and cupping, which she raves about. In addition to touch therapy, Ebbin practices a healthy lifestyle, eating mostly vegan and integrating Pilates, yoga, and ballet warmups into her workout. A mother of three boys, she has little free time, using self-reflexology and acupressure as a remedy for headaches, neck or back pain, nausea and other familiar problems. Ebbin also incorporates touch therapy into her sons’ lives, teaching them techniques like where to press on their wrist when feeling car sick and where to press on their chest when feeling anxious.

Despite her extremely well-balanced lifestyle, Ebbin still treats herself from time to time, stating “I also love a good margarita and chips, and definitely chocolate every day. A glass of wine a day is a must!”

The Touch Remedy is available for purchase in Santa Barbara at Chaucer’s Books (3321 State St.).

For more information on Ebbin and her touch remedies, visit her website at www.basicknead.com.

—Kathryn Shim


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