3-2-1 Action! The 10-10-10 Film Festival is Underway

Posted on Feb 2 by SEASONS Magazine

Have you noticed young people running around Santa Barbara, lugging around large film cameras and lengthy boom-mics? They are out there! Aspiring filmmakers in high school and college are again competing in the annual SBIFF 10-10-10 Screenwriting and Filmmaking Competition, an event that tests the creativity, productivity and filmmaking talent of local students.

The competition is an entirely challenging process. In the fall, screenwriters submit screenplays of prospective short films. Out of many submissions, SBIFF representatives select five high school nominees and five college nominees to bring their screenplays to life. The screenwriters are then paired with high school and college filmmakers (of their same age, respectively) and given time to bring their short film to life. The amount of time, you ask? 10 days! The 10-10-10 competition (10 crews, 10 days, 10 films) is particularly challenging because filmmakers must conjure a competitive film within such a short window of time. The crews receive help from film industry professionals prior to the 10-day window, but as the 10-day period starts, they are mostly on their own. During this short amount of time, the filmmakers are given access to any actor that will help them and production is in no way hindered from attaining aesthetic makeup, professional lighting or even desired location. The hardest constraint is time itself.


Prior nominee filming for the SBIFF 10-10-10 Competition, courtesy photo.

Prior nominee filming for the SBIFF 10-10-10 Competition, courtesy photo.


In the past, Santa Barbara local Julia Kupiek finished as a runner-up in the same competition. She has since worked on such feature-films as Happy New Years and the upcoming An Interview with God. SBIFF hopes that this year’s finalists will garner invaluable experience through the 10-10-10 competition, while burgeoning their prowess as young filmmakers. The competition began on January 31 and ends on February 10. The films will then be submitted. Three days later, awards will be handed out to the best high school and college screenwriter, as well as the best high school and college filmmaker, respectively.

The public can view the short films, and awards show, at the Arlington Theatre free of charge on February 13, at 2 p.m. You don’t want to miss it!

—Toby Qualls



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