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Sonia Kermen of “Sonia French Chef, courtesy of Sonia French Chef.

Meet Sonia Kermen of Sonia French Chef.

Sonia is a freelance, private chef from Carpinteria but native to Brittany, France. Her incredible cosmopolitan cuisine is now at the fingertips of denizens of the greater Santa Barbara area through her new business venture “Sonia French Chef.” She provides flexible services, ranging from freelance cooking, private or personal chef duties, party facilitation and even personal cooking lessons. Although she adores French cuisine and loves to share her cultural traditions through her dishes, she is willing to cook whatever your heart desires.

Sonia aims to share her love of cooking and her appreciation for the bonds that cooking can cultivate through her business. She caters to the customer immensely and ultimately works to ensure that you are satisfied. Her personal cooking lessons not only focus on teaching great cooking skills and ensuring personal growth but also catering to individual style—with Sonia cooking is not only enjoyable but free of pretense.

“Customers can learn how to cook in simplicity and in a good mood. They can taste their own dish and share it as they wish. The best is to always start with a simple dish made with my help and advice. Everyone cooks in their own way,” says Sonia.

Sonia French Chef Poulet Basquaise

Sonia French Chef’s Poulet Basquaise, courtesy of Sonia French Chef.

Sonia French Chef's Chocolat Mousse

Sonia French Chef’s Chocolat Mousse, courtesy of Sonia French Chef.

Some of Sonia’s menu specialties include ratatouille, boeuf bourguignon, blanquette de veau, gratin dauphinois, tomates farcies, carbonade flamande, crêpes, mousse au chocolat and madeleines au miel.

Sonia works with fresh, organic ingredients to ensure that her meals are the best they can possibly be. She says her personal favorite dish to cook is the crêpe, because it is an efficient, delicious way of sharing the traditional culture and flavor of her hometown of Brittany. Some beloved dishes of her clients are her decadent chocolate mousse and savory poulet basquaise

Sonia has had a wide repertoire of experience in food preparation and food servicing. In Brittany, she mastered the art of pastry work in the very place where crêpes were born, while working at a crêperie. Later on, she became proficient in food delivery while working in food service in hospitals.

Her kind heart and humanitarian spirit motivated her to become a “Social Butterfly,” a caregiver for the elderly, where her intrinsic generosity flourished. Combining  her vast experience, patience, and altruism is what makes Sonia so perfect to now offer personal chef services. In the future, Sonia only hopes to expand her reach and touch others with her kind nature.

“I would like to open a crêperie, cafe or a French tea shop—a nice relaxing place accompanied by a background music with wifi and books available in French and English. [I’d] offer some crêpes and other desserts,” says Sonia.

Try some of Sonia’s delectable dishes with Sonia French Chef today.

For more information, visit or call 805/705-4708.

—Lauren Bennett


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