Diving Deep, a Film About Mike deGruy

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Mike deGruy, courtesy photo.

Mike deGruy, courtesy photo.

Kickstarter campaign launches to raise funds to finish film

Mike deGruy filmed the ocean for more than three decades—becoming as famous for his storytelling as for his glorious, intimate visions of the sea and the creatures who live in it. He died tragically in a helicopter crash while on assignment in Australia. Inspired to share his legacy as a filmmaker and storyteller, and to spread his passion for protecting the ocean, his wife and filmmaking partner Mimi deGruy has returned to the edit room to produce Diving Deep. A Kickstarter campaign launched this month to help crowdfund $60,000 to help complete the film.

Diving Deep is the story of Mike deGruy, a relentlessly curious and enthusiastic underwater filmmaker. Picking up the pieces after his death, Mimi found a piece of footage she had never seen before, shot not long after the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill in 2010. After watching it over and over again, she knew she had to make a film.

“The footage depicted a different Mike,” says Mimi deGruy. “He went from being an artist sharing the wonder of the deep to an enraged and passionate warrior. I needed to make a film that not only celebrated Mike and his extraordinary career, but also highlighted what he cared most about at the time of his death: we are destroying the ocean before we even know what is there. If Mike deGruy were alive today he would be spending all his energy to fight on behalf of the ocean, for continued exploration, particularly of the deep sea, research, understanding and ultimately stewardship before it is too late.”

Mike deGruy, courtesy photo.

Mike deGruy, courtesy photo.

Up until this point, Diving Deep has been privately financed, but looking ahead to completion, Mimi and her team are now raising funds to help to make the film the best it can be, with the Kickstarter campaign being a key strategy. As with any Kickstarter campaign, unless they raise their goal of $60,000 during the 30-day window, they will not receive any of the funds. The money raised will go to important completion items like final editing, building an inspirational musical score, as well as licensing archival footage that Mike appeared in for other productions, and then taking the film to film festivals and spreading Mike’s mission.

The Kickstarter campaign for Diving Deep features numerous levels of support, making it accessible for everyone to participate in. From a $5 pledge that will get your name listed on the Diving Deep website, to an $80 pledge that comes with a DVD of the film to a $10,000 pledge that will earn an Associate Producer credit on the film – the public is invited to participate in this Kickstarter campaign to help bring Mike deGruy’s legacy to the big screen, click here for details.

Incorporating Mike’s own breathtaking underwater cinematography, his topside storytelling, interviews with Mike and also those he worked with like James Cameron, Sir David Attenborough, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Alastair Fothergill, Paul and Grace Atkins and others, Diving Deep tells the moving story of one man determined to share both his passion and his concern. Mike deGruy was in deep conversation with the ocean his entire life and as a result, was a consummate storyteller of the sea.

Mike deGruy, courtesy photo.

Mike deGruy, courtesy photo.

“The real Mike was so curious. He was full of passion and enthusiasm, and bursting with ideas,” shared James Cameron. “The world to him was full of wonder, and he was a natural storyteller above all. It was a pleasure to work with Mike because he knew his stuff and you could count on him to get the shot. That’s a big deal in my world.”

Mike had a lot more to say, because he was becoming a warrior, a powerful voice for the ocean. Mimi’s hope is that Diving Deep will celebrate his.

For more information and to contribute to the campaign go to  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1845715574/diving-deep.



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