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Lightsculptures Studio, courtesy photo.

Lightsculptures Studio, courtesy photo.

By Nancy A. Shobe

For two years in a row, Timothy Ferrie’s Lightsculptures has won the coveted international home improvement and interior design website recognition “Best of Houzz, Client Satisfaction Award” from houzz.com.

It’s no surprise.

Ferrie’s intricate original chandeliers, sconces and lamps are so artfully crafted that it is difficult to believe they are designed almost entirely from copper tubing.

How Ferrie bends and twists the copper into the otherworldly shapes seems to defy the very laws of science. Some of his chandeliers are bent around and around—like an infinity sign that keeps looping back upon itself. Draped within the copper tangles are the lights, giving a luminescence that can only be described as divine.

A Timothy J. Ferrie Lightsculpture design, courtesy photo.

A Timothy J. Ferrie Lightsculpture design, courtesy photo.

Ferrie offers that the inspiration for his bold, innovative lighting, “…comes from the elements and patterns of nature—the branches of a tree, the clouds, the birds…a rose bush…and topography.”

Ferrie opened Lightsculptures in 2010, during the economic downturn. When others were hanging onto their 9–5 jobs for dear life, Ferrie “decided it was time to explore something different.”

“I made my first light for a friend who was in need of a fixture and was struggling to find something she liked from what was available. To that point most of her lighting was pretty ‘safe,’ so I decided to make her something that would push her out of her comfort zone and make an artistic statement that fit the room.”

As a (former) engineering contractor for 26 years, Ferrie seems to have achieved his goal of creating “lighting that does more than light a room…it’s functional art that gives the room a personality…”

Ferrie’s lighting may be seen in businesses and restaurants throughout southern California, including Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village; A Beautiful Mess Home in Agoura Hills; and Rustico Ristorante Italiano in Westlake, as well in numerous private residences in Santa Barbara and throughout California, Mexico and the United Kingdom.  

For more information, visit Lightsculptures studio at tjferrie.com.

This story was originally published in the Fall 2016 issue of Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine.


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