Summer Solstice Poster Unveiled

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Santa Barbara Solstice Celebration Poster 2015

Each year, local artists compete in the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice T-shirt and poster design competition. The products are sold as a fundraising vehicle for the Summer Solstice Festival which celebrates the longest day of the year. Local artists Stacie Bouffard and Pali-X-Mano are this year’s winners. The Sci Fi poster and T-shirts debuted at the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival in Alameda Park.

Solstice poster artists Stacie Bouffard and Pali-X-Mano, courtesy photo

Solstice poster artists Stacie Bouffard and Pali-X-Mano, courtesy photo

The theme for the year—Sci Fi—was chosen in October. In January, entries were due, and in February, the Solstice Board of Directors selected the winning artwork. The board liked two of the pieces, so the design, a joint effort, features the galaxy background from Bouffard’s artwork with an extra terrestrial figure from Mano’s piece.

Bouffard, Solstice Board President, joined the team of artists in 2004. She works in a variety of mediums including assemblage, collage, abstract painting, Solstice floats and ensembles. Solstice Artist in Residence Pali-X-Mano has created seven winning designs since 1990. He also created 28 of the large inflatable creations that traditionally close the Solstice parade.

Giant puppets in last year's parade, photo by Scott London

Giant puppets in last year’s parade, photo by Scott London

Solstice Executive Director Claudia Bratton says, “A good parade theme is key, and everyone should picture something in their mind when they hear it. Sci Fi offers worlds of possibilities.” The theme allows for ample inspiration for floats, costumes, and masks.

The Santa Barbara Summer Solistice Festival parade will start at high noon on Saturday, June 20. Don’t miss out by letting the “Pass the Hat” float pass you by. The contributions provide much-needed funds to support the community’s Solstice Parade & Festival so that the Santa Barbara Solstice Celebration can live long and prosper!

—Haley Kulik


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