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Posted on Sep 17 by Leslie Dinaberg

Santa Barbara Artist Directory, courtesy photo

Santa Barbara Artist Directory, courtesy photo

“People need to know where to buy and find local art,” says Peter Otte, a Santa Barbara-based web developer who recently launched a new online directory to do just that.

The SB Artist Directory  was specifically designed to help artists based in Santa Barbara County reach a wider audience by creating a simple profile and create artist portfolios, Otte explains.

“Santa Barbara has a lot of really talented artists working in the shadows. Our goal is to help artists build a better online presence,” he says.

Web Developer Peter Otte, courtesy photo

Web Developer Peter Otte, courtesy photo

For a mere $26 annual membership fee, artists may include a short profile, links to their social media pages and may upload as many images as they wish. The site is not juried. The only requirement is that the artist resides within Santa Barbara County lines.

Paintings, drawings, photography, and sculpture are all acceptable art forms. Otte says his intent is not to evaluate the work but simply to put it out there to provide greater exposure for the artists. Among the first group of artists to sign on for the site are several well known creatives, including Nancy Gifford, David J. Diamant and Kerrie Kilpatrick Weinberg.

“Having many artists friends in the community, we became aware of the need to help artists promote themselves on the web. Artists’ minds are made for creating, not so much for promoting themselves, especially online. We decided to create an online directory where any artist from Santa Barbara County can be featured at a very low cost,” Otte says.

In addition, the site also posts local art-related news and events free of charge. For more information visit

—Leslie Dinaberg


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