Santa Barbara Businesses Save Thousands by Going Green

Posted on Aug 11 by SEASONS Magazine

A new study from the South County Energy Efficiency Partnership (SCEEP) finds that 76 businesses in Santa Barbara County have collectively saved an estimated 1.15 mWh—or $154,153 in annual electricity expenses—by participating in a free, voluntary countywide Green Business Program.

The Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County offers incentives and assistance to encourage businesses to implement voluntary actions to protect, preserve, and improve the environment, and helps create an energy action plan toward energy sustainability. The program certifies businesses and showcases them so consumers can make informed decisions about what businesses to support.

Businesses such as, MedBridge and Dining Services at the University of California, Santa Barbara have completed measures beyond what current laws require in areas of energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction and recycling, pollution prevention, and environmentally preferable purchasing.

For example, estimates savings of $35,000 a year from energy efficiency upgrades identified during their certification process, including updating its outdoor water irrigation system, starting a commuting solutions program to help employees find carpool partners, and monitoring energy consumption through adjusting settings on computers, printers, thermostats, and water heaters. The company also installed weather sensors that turn off sprinklers during rainfall, which decreased water use by 30 percent.

“At each step, we’ve received free guidance from experts in water and energy conservation, which was extremely helpful,” says Dana Jennings, Facilities Supervisor at “Participating in the program established the beginning of our sustainability plan, and we’ll continue growing and building on our success.”

“Our goal is to make the program a really positive experience for businesses by offering assistance so they can make the connection between doing what’s right for our local environment and what’s best for their business,” says Frances Gilliland, program director of the Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County. “The program includes unique businesses of all different sizes that are already making improvements in sustainability, so we provide the framework to take it to the next level.”

The Green Business Program is supported in part by SCEEP—a partnership of Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company, the cities of Carpinteria, Goleta, Santa Barbara, and the County of Santa Barbara. The SCEEP collaborative identifies opportunities for homeowners and businesses to take advantage of rebates, energy efficiency incentives, and other utility programs to save energy and money. Even if you are not able to take advanatge of this scheme, there are other ways that businesses can save money on utilities. One of these is to use a business energy comparison site to find out if your business is paying excessively for a plan that doesn’t really meet your needs. This could also help your business to be come more energy conservative, in a similar fashion to the SCEEP programme. But unfortunately SCEEP is only accessible to Santa Barbara businesses.

For more information on SCEEP, visit For more information on the Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County, visit

Programs funded by California utility customers and administered by Southern California Edison (SCE) and/or Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. Terms and conditions apply.

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