New Exhibit Space for UCSB Undergrads

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The University of California: Santa Barbara has a new way to showcase the creative endeavors of its students. The lobby of the campus administration building, Cheadle Hall, now doubles as a fine art gallery for undergraduate students

Nopalpod by Luis Velasquez; 2014

Nopalpod by Luis Velasquez; 2014

Some of the pieces included are “Looking Up” by Joanna Sleigh and Luis Velasquez’s “Seedpod.” These installments add a Seuss-like and magical element to the building.

“We are grateful for the many opportunities to show student work within our department and in public space on campus, but this is the first time such an important building for all of campus supported a juried showcase of undergraduate student artwork,” said Jane Mulfinger, UCSB professor and chair of art and the primary organizer of the show.

Vijay Masharan with The Suburbs, 2013

Vijay Masharan with The Suburbs, 2013

“It’s worth noting, too, that this is also undergraduate research,” says David Marshall, dean of humanities and fine arts in the College of Letters and Science at UCSB. “At UC, we consider art to be research. This is a way for people to instantly see some of the ways in which we engage our students in the creative process.”

Marc Fisher, senior associate vice chancellor for administrative services and one of the organizers of the exhibition added that  “It makes a statement to have the work of our students shown in the administration building. It helps remind us of why we’re here.”

Megan Fisher with Tree Ring I; 2014. Photo by George Foulsham

Megan Fisher with Tree Ring I; 2014. Photo by George Foulsham

Megan Fisher is a senior double majoring in art and English and says being in the inaugural exhibition is a great honor. She says, “I feel like I’m giving back to my school in a sense. And I think there can always be more art everywhere. I never think there’s enough art. We have only one gallery in the art department, and students never get to show their art as much as they should be able to.”

The exhibition continues through June 30.

–Ana Vermeulen


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