Even Without Words, Robert Redford Earns American Riviera Award

Posted on Dec 26 by SEASONS Magazine

As we head straight into the New Year, we’re all gearing up for what the 29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) has in store. Recently, the prestigious honor of the American Riviera Award was announced, and its future recipient is a bona fide legend in film. On Friday, February 7, actor, director and producer Robert Redford will take home the award after a Tribute at the Arlington Theatre.

There’s no question as to why Robert Redford deserves this award. Given to “recognize an actor who has had a strong influence on American Cinema,” the American Riviera Award has honored outstanding players in the film industry such as Martin Scorsese, Sandra Bullock, Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Bacon. Robert Redford, best known for his roles in films such as The Way We Were, The Sting, and Out of Africa, embodies this image of an ideal multi-talented film maker and actor.

Redford’s abilities and talent are epitomized in this year’s ALL IS LOST, a film garnering acclaim and bringing further depth to Redford’s already extensive fifty-year career. The film chronicles the trials and tribulations of a man stranded in the Indian Ocean after his boat crashes into a floating shipping container. The story contains little-to-no dialogue—a feat not just any actor could accomplish. This unique film component, along with the exhaustive pursuit of staying alive and afloat, makes for a gripping story and a compelling performance by Redford.

Redford, while being a man of many talents, is also a big part of the Sundance Institute, an organization he established to support and develop emerging screenwriters and directors, which also hosts the Sundance Film Festival.

Check out more information on Santa Barbara International Film Festival, taking place from January 30–February 9, by clicking here.

—Taylor Micaela Davis


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