Margaritas 2.0: Crown the Town Judges Mid-State on the Best Margarita

Posted on Aug 23 by SEASONS Magazine

It’s no secret that we love Margaritas in this town. Blame it on our affinity for Spanish culture, or the plethora of Mexican food restaurants budding all over town—or just blame it on the mixologists whose creative concoctions always have us searching out the newest (and tequila-iest) Margarita on the Central Coast.

Crown the Town just couldn’t stop at Lower State St. in its holy quest for the best Margarita, bringing us to next week’s Crown the Town: Margarita Edition Round Two. Conquering Mid-State St. this time, CTT-ers will visit four of SB’s most notable cocktail venues—including Cielito, Milk & Honey, Chase Restaurant and Palazzio—sampling from the inventive renditions on the classic tequila-Cointreau-lime juice solution at each spot. Donning crowns (and probably making a handful of new friends), drink judges (i.e. you) will award one of these restaurants the “best of” title and honor them with the knowledge that their Margarita is a hat (or crown) above the rest. We can already hear the Monty Python quotes coming from the crowd as they strut down State in their crowns.

Tickets are still available for next week’s Crown the Town, starting at 6:30 p.m. at Cielito Restaurant on Tuesday, August 27. For more information on Crown the Town as a whole, check out our Cocktail Corner.

And to close out the summer, the next Crown the Town will be Sangria Edition in early September. Be sure to check Night Out for details and ticketing.

Now, where’s my Marg?

—Taylor Micaela Davis


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