Getting Back into Bread with Another Bread Company

Posted on Aug 26 by SEASONS Magazine

Artisanal breads? Organic ingredients? Rest assured, that delicious loaf you’ve been dreaming of actually does exist. Another Bread Company opened a few months ago in Solvang, and specializes in making handmade home-baked Artisanal Craft Loaves and New York-inspired Real Bagels.

Baker and owner James Sparks wants “people to get back into bread…Back into how fulfilling, flavorful and fantastic a simple rustic loaf, or East Coast-type bagel, can really be.” In addition, Sparks insists on using local ingredients, such as the honey he uses in his bagels.

You’ll have to prove the result for yourself using the bakery’s pre-order, delivery and pickup services, but according to rumors, Sparks’s signature crust and slightly sour and nutty interior make these loaves well-worth the drive out of town to get them. And any New Yorkers who might be missing the bagels they used to enjoy in the Big Apple are sure to love these California ones too, as Sparks’s New-Yorker wife inspired him to craft his bagel recipe.

For more information about Another Bread Company or for ordering details, please click here, visit the bakery’s Facebook and Twitter pages, or call 877/327-2656. Another Bread Company is located in Solvang.

—Manon Cooper


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