For Beer-Lovers Only: Tours of the Island Brewing Company

Posted on Jul 28 by SEASONS Magazine

Courtesy of Island Brewing Company

Courtesy of Island Brewing Company

If you’ve ever been curious about how beer is made, be sure to head over to Island Brewing Company in Carpinteria to go on one of their free brewery tours. Held every Saturday and Sunday at 2 and 4 p.m., tours last about 20 minutes and explain the brewing process and ingredients, and offer a sneak-peak into the behind-the-scenes of a local California brewery.

Started in 2001, Island Brewing Company is a family-run business founded a decade after owner Paul Wright started brewing on his own with a home-brew kit. Wright joined the local brew club, won several awards for his homemade beers and eventually found himself directing Marin County Fair competitions, where he became a certified beer judge.

Wright eventually started Island Brewing Company, which has since won several awards on the state and national level. The brewery provides local bars, restaurants and retail outlets with its local handcrafted beers and has 5 and 15.5-gallon kegs, 64-oz. growlers and 22-ounce bottles available for events.

Island Brewing Company is located at 5049 6th Street in Carpinteria. For more information about beer tours, please call 805/745-8272 or email

—Manon Cooper


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