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Posted on Jul 31 by SEASONS Magazine

Water Circus by Susan Petty, oil, 5x6 ft.

Water Circus by Susan Petty, oil, 5×6 ft.
Courtesy of Marcia Burtt Studio

A painting of the ocean by Susan Petty is less about the realistic representation of water and more about playing in waves of color, shape, texture and line.

Petty’s work is spotlighted in Marcia Burtt Studio’s (517 Laguna St.) summer exhibition Approaching Abstraction, which also features landscape impressions by six other gifted artists including Michael Ferguson, Marilee Krause, Patricia Doyle, Robert Abbott, Anne Ward and Bill Dewey.

The combination of their work speaks to how an artist is influenced not only by nature but also by other art, as seen in the way Dewey’s captivating photographs of Central Coast surf served as an inspiration for Petty’s work. Together, this group brings to the surface new beauty and meaning dwelling in fluidity and form.

You can view the collection from now until September 1. To visit the downtown studio or for more information, contact the studio.

~Amanda DeVos


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