Left Coast Books Welcomes Kimberly Hahn’s Exhibit “Reversal”

Posted on Mar 18 by SEASONS Magazine

"Reversal" by Kimberly Hahn, courtesy of Kimberly Hahn

“Reversal” by Kimberly Hahn, courtesy of Kimberly Hahn

Part consignment bookstore, part edgy gallery, Left Coast Books features an exciting new exhibition: Reversal: An Exhibition by Kimberly Hahn.

The cool, austere venue is ripe for Hahn’s equally contemporary art exhibit, which opens Wednesday, March 20. The artist’s reception takes place Saturday, March 23, from 5–7 p.m.

Hahn‘s exhibition is a mock photo shoot involving two sculptures of serigraph screens that face each other. Their surfaces are covered with a photosensitive emulsion that photographs the sculptures themselves, while the images on the sculptures cast shadows onto black paper backdrops. This process interestingly complicates the relationship between object and subject, as photographic representation comes to play both roles.

Hahn questions whether an “unmediated” experience truly exists, especially in light of technology. By using both analogue and digital methods of photography, Hahn suggests that “reality” is relative, meaning completely mediated, and depends on the viewer’s experiences. Just as Hahn applies different photographic techniques to create her installment, viewers apply difference experiences with technology and life to create their own subjective reality.
“My work presents nuanced experiences that question many shades of gray including what is being seen, why it is provocative, how it is made and the validity of environmental perceptions,” says Hahn. Hahn, though clear in her objective, embraces the variety of perceptions and realities.
Hahn has been featured in several local exhibitions such as Limuw: An Ode to the Sea at CAF Satellite @ Hotel Indigo and The Can(n)on at Atkinson Gallery, in addition to numerous other spaces in California and Texas.
Hahn’s exhibit will be on view through Saturday, May 25.
-Grace Piro Delia



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