Lights, Camera and a Screenplay: Students Take Over the Film Festival with 10-10-10

Posted on Jan 28 by SEASONS Magazine

Santa Barbara International Film Festival is chock-full of celebrities, film aficionados, locals and—just as important—student filmmakers and screenwriters. Thanks to the 10-10-10 Student Competition, local high-schoolers and college students can showcase their talents both behind the camera and on the page, sharing festival time with some of their own inspirations and idols.

10-10-10 Students

Students of the 10-10-10 competition

The 10-10-10 Student Competition, now in its tenth year, is composed of both the Student Filmmaking Competition and the Student Screenwriting Competition. As Guy Smith and Michael Stinson (10-10-10 representatives at SBCC and Antioch University, respectively) say, the student competition has “grown into a unique and important part of the film festival.” Out of 42 screenwriting submissions and 46 film making applicants, ten high school students and ten college students (five for each competition) were selected to collaborate on a ten-minute film in the comedy genre, with only one catch: they had to finish it in the ten days of the festival.

The twenty talented and currently very busy students chosen to participate include Genevieve Hatfield (Anacapa School), Blake Benlan (Dos Pueblos High), Ainslee Scott (Dos Pueblos High), Jillian Fisher (San Marcos High), Leanne Sturman (San Marcos High), Gabriella Guillen (SBCC), Mia Bolton (Brooks Institute), Corie Anderson (UCSB), Paula Ersly (UCSB) and Jeffrey Lovelace (Antioch University) for screenwriting, and Patrick Alcerro (Anacapa School), Patrick Hall (Santa Barbara High), Jackson Duneier (Santa Barbara High), Jason Phreaner (San Marcos High), Kendall Weaver (Dos Pueblos High), Kevin Huang (Brooks Institute), Johan Bodell (SBCC), Kit Larson (SBCC), Nick Funk (Brooks Institute) and Ben Goalabre (SBCC) for filmmaking.

Please join us in congratulating these exceptional students for their hard work and dedication, especially with all the work cut out for them over the next six days. A winner from each category will be selected on February 3 after the 1 p.m. screening of all ten films at the Lobero Theatreand the winning film will be shown at the Closing Night ceremonies at the Arlington Theatre that evening.

Santa Barbara students, taking the world (and Hollywood) by storm! Get your tickets for Closing Night here.

-Taylor Micaela Davis




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