Double Trouble Redux: Four Couples, Eight Viewpoints

Posted on Jan 16 by SEASONS Magazine

Starting January 18 and running through February 23, The Arts Fund hosts a unique exhibition featuring eight Santa Barbara artists who also happen to be couples. The exhibition Double Trouble Redux: Four Couples, Eight Viewpoints will be held in The Arts Fund Gallery and will kick off with a public reception from 5 to 8 p.m.

Double Trouble Redux features four artist couples:

Each couple works with an eclectic medium, including painting, wood-carving, fiber art, photography, collages and so much more. What is intriguing and amazing is that the couples collaborate with each other to create related pieces, yet the works still retain their own incredible individuality. With their repertoires, the couples hope to convey both their domestic and aesthetic relationships.

Virginia McCracken

Virginia McCracken

One of the couples in Double Trouble Redux, McCracken and Koplin, is a perfect example of the simultaneous individual and collaborative work put into this exhibition. McCracken, who has been an artist for more than 30 years, works with small-scale assemblages placed inside boxes, creating miniature worlds shaped from her imagination. The amazingly detailed animals and creatures, inspired from the make-believe, have been described as “whimsical and touching, humorous, as well as dark.” With her work, she draws the viewer into the story and intimate world of her piece.

Philip Koplin

Philip Koplin

Her husband Koplin works primarily with acrylic paint, though he’s also known to use whatever medium seems to call to him at the moment. He paints on a wide variety of surfaces, such as canvas, linen, paper and Masonite panel, and is unique in that he prefers to apply the paint with a palette knife rather than a brush. He says, “I use various combinations of these media and processes because I like the spontaneous, accidental quality of what can emerge, which I try to nourish or push along in what seems like an appropriate direction.”

Koplin eloquently states his attitude toward art and comments, “When not making art, look with clarity at everything, even things that supposedly aren’t art; when making art, forget as much as possible, especially things that supposedly are art.”

Koplin finds it a delight to be working alongside his wife and the other artists, as well as Arts Fund board member and curator of Double Trouble Redux Nancy Gifford, who also curated Double Trouble: Married to Art and Each Other in 2011.

“I came up with a concept and now have asked the artists to run with it, inviting viewers to consider the social and inspirational dynamics of creative couples – a unique but not uncommon perspective,” says Gifford.

If you love the arts and appreciate the creative mind, come out and support these talented artists. This unique exhibition is the perfect place to view a presentation of different mediums and perspectives.

-Diane Mooshoolzadeh






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