State of the Art: A Celebration on the Winter Solstice

Posted on Dec 17 by SEASONS Magazine

Marcia Burtt Studio is chock-full of pieces by artists wishing to celebrate the landscape through a variety of artistic movements. Its year-end exhibition, entitled “State of the Art”, will be open from December 21st to January 6.

“Evening at the End of the Road” by Ian Roberts

Experience our vast landscapes like never before through the various perspectives of all of the gallery’s artists, along with two guests, Mark Kerckhoff and Dana Hooper. Other artists include Marcia Burtt, Ian Roberts, Ann Ward, Michael Ferguson, Patricia Doyle, Marilee Krause, Bill Dewey, Robert Abbott, Jeff Yeomans, Ann Lofquist, Erling Sjovld and Susan Petty. Whether their paintings are abstract or realistic, natural or urban, the landscapes portrayed through their work may be familiar to their viewers, but the new and exhilarating way in which audiences see the paintings opens their eyes to the undiscovered beauty of our surrounding world.

Enjoy a celebration of art, the winter solstice and the end of a year with Marcia Burtt Studio on December 21 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. For more information, visit the website here.

-Taylor Micaela Davis



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