Future of the Funk Zone

Posted on Sep 27 by SEASONS Magazine

Santa Barbara’s beloved Funk Zone is continuously attracting new tasting rooms, businesses, artists and organizations. With this surge of people hoping to gain some prime real estate in the funky downtown area, it’s no wonder that it becomes hard to imagine what the face of the Funk Zone will be in the upcoming years.

Thanks to the Funk Zone Charrette Exhibition, open from September 28—October 20, we can experience a look into the potential future of the Funk Zone, with creative designs and drawings from local architects, artists and community members.

The Funk Zone Charrette project has been months in the making, with more than 30 individuals creating designs for the unique project. The project was an open invitation to local creatives and the community to envision what this neighborhood could look like as Santa Barbara’s very own Arts District.

Some of the revolutionary ideas created from this project include creating pedestrian-friendly corridors out of salvaged materials as homage to both the railroad and ocean, providing a venue for performance art (especially street performance) and many others.

Join the artists and several Funk Zone enthusiasts at the Opening Reception this Friday, from 5-7:30 p.m. at the Arts Fund Gallery. Ask questions, get answers and see for yourself what could become of our Funk Zone.

-Taylor Micaela Davis


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