Macduff Everton Book Signing: The Modern Maya

Posted on Aug 1 by SEASONS Magazine

Macduff Everton, our spring cover subject, signs his most recent book, The Modern Maya, August 2 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. As a skilled photographer, Everton has spent over 40 years living and working among the Maya.  This book cleverly updates his portraits of the Maya from his 1991 book, and investigates the effects of NAFTA, tourism, world trade and maquiladoras, the evangelical movement, racism, sexism, and drugs on Maya communities.


At 17, Everton hitchhiked around the world and sold his first stories, one on Southeast Asia and the other on Burma, when he arrived in Japan.  Then at 19 he was hired by an educational film company to travel to Latin America to create anthropological and archaeological filmstrips. The company ran out of money, but Everton stayed, working a variety of different seasonal jobs to support his project. This book documents the lives of ordinary people of Yucatán who are the soul of their culture.

-Addison Mayfield


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