Two Mediums Combine with Leslie and Lily’s Oil and Water Exhibition

Posted on Apr 24 by SEASONS Magazine

First Thursday isn’t the only night celebrating exquisite art in Santa Barbara. Second Friday, where the Santa Barbara Tennis Club exhibits new artists every month, has two brilliant local artists on display for the month of May.

Santa Barbara natives Leslie Lewis Sigler and Lily Guild join together to create Oil and Water, a compilation of Leslie’s oil paintings and Lily’s watercolors. The cohesion between the two artists’ pieces despite their differing mediums is both surprising and refreshing, with the depth of the oil perfectly balancing the delicacy of the watercolors.  The everyday items depicted by these artists are given new color, with hidden oranges and pinks amidst the whites, grays and beiges of the backgrounds.

The Oil and Water exhibition aims to display the “natural beauty” and “personality of everyday things”, as Leslie and Lily respectively state on their websites.

Oil and Water will be on display from May 11 to June 2. For more information on the artists, please visit Leslie and Lily‘s websites.


-Taylor Micaela Davis


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