Headless Household Hits Center Stage

Posted on Nov 9 by SEASONS Magazine

We’re looking forward to Headless Household’s 19th (sorta) Annual Xmas Concert on November 28 at 8 p.m. at Center Stage Theater, where Seasons Magazine contributing writer Joe Woodward will perform on guitar alongside fellow founding members Dick Dunlap (keyboards), Tom Lackner (percussives), and Joe Woodard (guitars), alongside with vocalists Julie Christensen, saxist Tom Buckner, violinist/vocalist Sally Barr, pedal steel player/multi-axman Bill Flores, bassist David Piltch, and harmonica hero Tom Ball.

After performing its xmas concert at Center Stage Theater for 18 years in a row, Headless Household was interrupted by the Tea Fire in 2008, but is finally getting back its groove this year with its 19th (sorta) annual xmas concert.

In 2010, Headless Household celebrated its 25th anniversary with the release of its album Basemento. On this album and through their other eight albums, the band mixes up elements of jazz, free improvisation, avant-Americana, European-a, prog rock, funk, Braziliana and more. Purchase tickets through the box office at 805/963-0408 or online at www.centerstagetheater.org.  For more information, visit www.householdink.com.


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