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  • Legacies: They Can, We Can, iCAN

    Sep 18, 13 • Legacies, SEASONS Magazine

    The Incredible Children’s Art Network Picks Up Speed By Leslie Dinaberg in-cred-i-ble: [in-kred-uh-buhl] adjective 1. so extraordinary as to seem impossible: incredible speed. 2. not credible; hard to believe; unbelievable: The plot of the book is...

  • Legacies: Heal the Ocean

    Jul 13, 12 • Legacies, Local Life, Nonprofits, SEASONS Magazine

      Santa Barbara SEASONS Magazine, Summer 2012 By Rebekah Altman In 1998, Hillary Hauser was a freelance writer focusing on the ocean. She was also a veteran diver, taking trips around the world to explore the deep blue, and a classical pianist—her...