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Posted on Jun 16 by SEASONS Magazine

An assortment of Ama SeaBeauty products at their new retail storefront, courtesy photo.

An assortment of Ama SeaBeauty products at their new retail storefront, courtesy photo.

Ama SeaBeauty‘s new home at 506 State St. is the perfect place for the company’s unique vision to reach the heart of Santa Barbara—that healthy, beautiful skin is attainable, sustainable and affordable.

The retail storefront and “Face Bar” offers skincare enthusiasts an immersive selection of products rich with marine extracts, like seaweed masks, sea tonics, and seawater elixirs. Customers may learn about, sample, purchase, and apply the whole array of Ama SeaBeauty’s offerings in a friendly, social environment. The space also offers workshops and seminars on Thalasso therapy (using seawater as both a cosmetic and health treatment), beauty and living in true harmony with one’s environment.

Ama SeaBeauty’s products are manufactured through artisanal processes, beginning with hand collections of select varieties of red and brown marine algae that grow offshore from Santa Barbara’s own Ellwood Bluffs.

Adding to the ethically sound commitment to supporting local environments, only eco-friendly glass and reusable metal containers comprise product packaging. There are no plastics whatsoever, and there are refill options in place to enable consumers to play a larger role in popularizing sustainable solutions.

“We wanted to create a sustainable brand that believes in the power of products,” says Antoinette Marquez, co-founder and co-owner of Ama SeaBeauty, along with her husband Daniel Marquez. The couple also serves as Ama SeaBeauty’s suppliers by running Pharmersea, a 25-acre sea farm on the coast of Goleta.

“We want to help our customers consume well,” says Antoinette. In preserving the state of your skin and the state of our planet, you’ll end up looking as great as you feel.

Visit to read more about their product lines.

—Victoria Tai Murphy


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