EDC Celebrates 40 Years of Environmental Victories!

Posted on Jun 2 by SEASONS Magazine

Courtesy photo of the Environmental Defense Center.

Courtesy photo of the Environmental Defense Center.

This summer as you surf the Santa Barbara waves, camp along the beaches or picnic in the parks, take a minute to inhale the fresh air, smell the salty ocean and hear the birds chirping. Although these minor details may seem insignificant, the measures that have been taken to protect Santa Barbara’s enchanting environment are not.

After the devastating Oil Spill in 1969, Santa Barbara founded the Environmental Defense Center (EDC) which is more of a typhoon than a center. Its protection expands from the coasts of Los Angeles to the tallest skyscrapers in San Francisco, and throughout its four-decade-long existence it has represented 120 different fellow nonprofits.

In a region with so much to offer in terms of precious coastline, irreplaceable agricultural land, and open space, the EDC serves as a force field protecting Santa Barbara’s environmental treasures. Since 1977, EDC has focused on protecting the Santa Barbara Channel, ensuring clean water, preserving open space and wildlife and addressing climate and energy.

The nonprofit not only educates, advocates and takes legal action, but also serves as the national leader on issues of offshore fracking and acidizing. It has preserved over 100,000 acres of open space across Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura Counties; put to rest more than 40 offshore oil leases; led the coalition of environmental organizations in response to the Oil Spill in Refugio; and has been a leader in protecting endangered blue whales, sea otters and steelhead trout.

Throughout these past six months, EDC has been strolling down memory lane sharing the 40 years of environmental success stories with monthly blog posts and recalling that even in the most challenging cases, the community empowerment and organized efforts made significant wins possible.

Celebrating 40 years of environmental victories that the EDC has achieved alongside partners, clients and the community, the organization will host Green & Blue: A Coastal Celebration on Sunday, June 4, from 2-5:30 p.m.

“This celebration comes at a very important moment,” said Owen Bailey, EDC’s Executive Director. “Green & Blue gives EDC’s Board and staff an opportunity to express our gratitude to this community which has supported 40 years of important work. It is also important that we let people know that no matter what comes out of the Trump Administration, EDC will continue to stand up for our climate, the health of our communities, and the environment.”

Green & Blue, courtesy photo of the Environmental Defense Center

Green & Blue: A Coastal Celebration, courtesy photo of the Environmental Defense Center.

Come enjoy an afternoon with the EDC at Goleta’s Rancho La Patera & Stow House for this in the beautiful outside gardens and witness one of the most expansive nonprofit silent auctions in the region along with great food from Duo Catering and local wines from The Ojai Vineyards and beer from Rincon Brewery. Guests will also have the chance to participate in a live auction and vote on which environmental victory from EDC’s last 40 years they feel is most important.

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate four decades of achievements with the organization that protects Santa Barbara treasures.

—Danielle Hazlett


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