Artist-in-Residence Cruz Ortiz at Belmond El Encanto

Posted on May 20 by SEASONS Magazine

One of Cruz Ortiz's eye-catching works, created at and inspired by the gorgeous Belmond El Encanto. Photo courtesy of Cruz Ortiz's Instagram page.

One of Cruz Ortiz’s eye-catching works, created at and inspired by the gorgeous Belmond El Encanto. Photo courtesy of Cruz Ortiz’s Instagram page.

Santa Barbara style takes on many forms. With our diverse landscapes and lifestyles, a lot of our city’s beauty lies in its chic, upscale vibe that balances its quaint charm. Those complimentary characteristics are preserved in a lot of our city’s architecture, like Belmond El Encanto.

The historic resort is nestled in the Santa Barbara hillsides and offers a stunning view of both land and sea. To add to their literal and metaphorical position as a monument of artistic development, Belmond El Encanto welcomes San Antonio-based artist Cruz Ortiz as their first Artist-in-Residence, in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB).

The Artist-in-Residence program offers artists the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture of the resort while offering guests an up-close look at the artists in their creative realm. Some of Ortiz’s works could be seen in the hotel’s Fireside room, all of various sizes with bold, bright colors and strokes to add extra dimensions of energy to his subject matter. He has worked with countless media throughout his career, and we were able to see him in action after a lively afternoon lunch at Belmond El Encanto. It was as calming as it was impressive! The cozy, picturesque outdoor accommodations served as both the setting and the subject for some of Ortiz’s innovative, spirited oil paintings that he composed onsite.

Ortiz is no stranger to Santa Barbara. He has also contributed his expertise to takepart | makeart, also in collaboration with MCASB. Giving back to our community and his community back home through such programs allows Ortiz to create a dialogue through his art. If our afternoon at Belmond El Encanto was any indication, Ortiz is such a joy to engage with in any setting. His flair and passion for his work is genuine, and his commentary through his art is always welcome across different contexts. We hope to see more of him soon!

Visit to read about Cruz Ortiz, or to read more about Belmond El Encanto. Contact Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara to learn more about upcoming programs and future collaborations between the two groups.

—Victoria Tai Murphy


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