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Posted on Apr 6 by SEASONS Magazine

Tawakkol Karman. Image courtesy of UCSB Arts & Lectures.

UCSB Arts & Lectures reveals new events for its spring 2017 season. The guests, hailing from Mexico to Morocco and all across the globe, will provide audiences with insight into social movements, exploration of creative narrative, performance in musical renditions and much more.

April 8 sees Tawakkol Karman to the stage. Being the first Arab woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize (2011), Karman offers hopeful solutions to uphold democracy across the world. Her firsthand accounts provide for an unobstructed view into why education, social equality and human rights are necessary and vital means by which to combat poverty and oppression.

April 22 witnesses the appearance of Paul Hawken; a pioneer of corporate ecological reform, Hawken has created the nonprofit Project Drawdown, which offers a myriad of climate solutions based on meticulous research that analyzes how people can reverse global warming.

Luis Alberto Urrea. Image courtesy of UCSB Arts & Lectures.

April 24 brings Luis Alberto Urrea to UCSB. Honored by NPR as a “master storyteller with a rock and roll heart,” Urrea’s recent novel Into the Beautiful North—this year’s UCSB Reads pick—explores a young woman’s quest to define herself without borders.

Laila Lalami. Image courtesy of UCSB Arts & Lectures.

April 27 hosts Laila Lalami. Lalami is celebrated for her cultural commentary that frequently occurs in the Los Angeles Times, The Nation and The New York Times. Lalami will speak on issues such as injustice and Islamophobia.

May 4 presents the old-time string band Old Crow Medicine Show. The band, best known for their platinum single “Wagon Wheel,” will pay homage to one of music’s all-time greats when they perform Bob Dylan’s album Blonde on Blonde.

May 9 is the date for the Santa Barbara County Economic Summit. Featured speakers at this year’s event include Russ Roberts (Hoover Institution), Esther George (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City) and futurist, inventor and hacker Pablos Holman (Intellectual Ventures Laboratory).

Chip Kidd. Image courtesy of UCSB Arts & Lectures.

May 9 also sets up for Chip Kidd. Kidd is an expert designer and art director who has changed the way book jackets are perceived. Transforming protective coverings into works of art, Kidd has produced some of the most recognizable covers of the past three decades.

May 13 provides a space for Lynsey Addario. Listed among Newsweek’s 150 Fearless Women, Addario is an intrepid photojournalist who documents humanitarian crises for National Geographic, Time and The New York Times.

Naomi Klein. Image courtesy of UCSB Arts & Lectures.

May 17 receives award-winning journalist, environmentalist and activist Naomi Klein. Klein has written The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism and This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate, which was made into an acclaimed documentary film.

May 18 concludes the new spring additions with the 2017 Arthur N. Rupe Great Debate. Monica Duffy Toft and Marc Gopin—experts on international relations, conflict and religion—will engage in an informed debate about the extent and nature of the threat ISIS poses and how the U.S. should respond.

The entire spring lineup can be viewed on UCSB Arts and Lectures’ webpage. Check out the many guests UCSB has the privilege of introducing to the community.

—Toby Qualls


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