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The Bar Method Santa Barbara lobby, courtesy photo.

The Bar Method Santa Barbara lobby, photo by Ashleigh Taylor Photography.

We’re almost a quarter of the way through 2017, and fitness resolutions are still at the forefront of active (and some inactive) minds. Whether you’re looking to switch up your weekly routine or are searching for a fresh start after falling off the wagon, The Bar Method Santa Barbara offers something for everyone.

The La Cumbre Plaza workout studio trains clients using a combination of isometric movements and ballet dance conditioning (yes, that kind of bar) that are proven to achieve health and wellness objectives. It is an hour-long, total body workout that’ll test accomplished athletes and unlock hidden potential in newer ones (I myself fall into the latter category).

It’s that diversity in clientele that creates the perfect atmosphere for camaraderie and encouragement. Clients of all ages and fitness levels work side by side to fire up forgotten muscles and release physical and emotional tensions.

“We keep class challenging for everyone and don’t leave anyone behind,” owner Kendall Clark states. “We also do modifications if you have any injuries. We want to make sure you’re safe and that everyone is in proper form.”

Owner and instructor Kendall Clark leads high-energy group-led exercises for all fitness levels. Photo by Danny Forner.

Owner and Instructor Kendall Clark leads high-energy group-led exercises for all fitness levels. Photo by Danny Forner.

Clark brought The Bar Method to Santa Barbara in July 2015 after falling in love with the workout as a busy professional in Los Angeles. She now has a loyal following of Bar Method enthusiasts to fuel her passion. By acknowledging fitness goals of all sizes, Clark is devoted to helping clients feel good on the inside as well as the outside.

As the instructor now watching the client, it’s about the small accomplishments,” Clark explains. “That’s what makes you feel good about yourself—taking a class and going ‘Wow, I did something better that I couldn’t do last time!”

The motivation to regularly attend Bar Method classes sometimes goes beyond achieving physical accomplishments. Clark combined the signature boutique feel of other Bar Method studios with her own decorative twists and inspirations. The result is a uniquely Santa Barbara-style space equipped with all the amenities of a traditional day spa. Talk about feeling pampered! As someone who associates workouts with cold gym settings, it was an enticing departure from expectation.

Luxurious locker rooms and bathrooms await re-energized participants. Photo by Ashleigh Taylor Photography.

Luxurious locker rooms and bathrooms await re-energized participants. Photo by Ashleigh Taylor Photography.

An environment as welcoming as this one is easy to appreciate at all hours of the day. Group classes begin as early as 6 a.m. and run into the early evening. Several rotating instructors offer different workouts, but with the same genuine enthusiasm across the board. The frequency of classes and presence of grooming facilities makes it easy to fit a workout into a packed schedule. “We can accommodate anybody who has to manage their time and has to squeeze in a workout at lunch, or wants to start their day with The Bar Method and go on about the rest of their life.”

Busy parents need not worry about last-minute childcare plans either. The Bar Method offers on-sight childcare five days a week. The colorful playroom is sure to keep a kid’s mind as active as their parents’ bodies! Once they hit 13 years old, they can even join in on the workout fun (with parental consent).

It’s an experience that is as therapeutic as it is energizing. And the journey towards reshaping your mind and body is not without little celebrations and incentives. The Bar Method team regularly designs challenges and events throughout the year to promote client participation and body positivity. As the studio’s second anniversary approaches this summer, Clark’s gratitude is palpable.

“One of the biggest things I’ve wanted to do is build a community,” Clark expresses. “Getting to see that is so humbling. I’m just so glad that I’ve been able to touch somebody and make them excited to come to something everyday and work towards something every day.”

Every day is a good day to meet and exceed your potential. At The Bar Method, you can set the bar for yourself (no pun intended) and feel the burn in the most satisfying way possible.

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—Victoria Tai Murphy


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