Peter Bradley is The Squire Foundation’s Artist in Resident

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Peter Bradley, 1971. Courtesy the BOMB Magazine.

Peter A. Bradley, a New York based artist, is the Squire Foundation’s Spring Artist in Residence. The Artist in Residence program removes artists from their everyday lives, placing them in an atmosphere that allows artists to nurture, create and advance their art. Tucked away in the Santa Barbara foothills, artists are able to leave behind their daily responsibilities to instead focus on creating “enduring works of the imagination,” says the Squire Foundation. For Bradley, his most prominent works of the imagination are abstractions.  Bradley “applies color to canvas with unyielding power and imagination,” the Squire Foundation continues.

While abstract paintings are Bradley’s focal point, he is also a sculptor, art dealer and curator. Born in 1940, Bradley, a living witness to the Civil Rights Movement, curated the De Luxe Show in 1971, one of the first racially integrated art exhibitions in the nation. True of all great artists, compelling art results in far-reaching influence. Following the invention of acrylic gel paint came the inception of the the New New Painters, a movement directly influenced by Bradley.  The New New Painters, a group of nine core artists, are united by their shared desire to advance a new style of painting using these acrylic gel paints. Who influenced Bradley?  Growing up, Bradley found himself amongst Jazz legends Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Thelonious Monk and Jimmy Cobb, to name a few.  Hanging out with these musical icons had an unparalleled influence on Bradley’s own artistic vision.

Peter Bradley, “Hemming” (1971), acrylic on canvas, 108 x 84 in.

Peter Bradley, “Hemming” (1971), acrylic on canvas, 108 x 84 in.

Bradley’s work is displayed in an array of permanent collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York City Museum of Art and the African American Museum in Dallas. During his time as the Artist in Residence, locals will be able to delight in Bradley’s work as well. While Bradley is in town, he will participate in a multitude of outreach events, including abstract art workshops, meet & greets and art exhibits.  This opportunity to establish an environment of creative empowerment is as invaluable for Santa Barbara residents as it is for Bradley.

Upcoming events include:

Peter Bradley Meet & Greet at SB Jazz Festival on Mar. 4.

Studio Tour & Group Session for UCSB Graduate Students on Mar. 8

Abstract Art Workshop Mar. 10-12

Workshop Art Critique and Open House (open to public) on Mar. 12

Creative Resource Arts Villa Presents Artful Improvisations on Mar. 16.

Peter Bradley Art Exhibit Meet and Greet on Mar. 23

Peter Bradley Closing Exhibition on Mar. 31

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—Danielle Moss


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