Coin Up App, Changing Your Spare Change Into Real Change

Posted on Feb 9 by SEASONS Magazine

Whether you’re filling up your gas tank or buying your morning coffee, by downloading the free mobile app, Coin Up, you can now effortlessly donate to your favorite charities. By virtually rounding up all debit and credit card transactions to the nearest dollar, Coin Up collects your extra pennies and donates them to varying nonprofit organizations. Talk about easy good karma points!

At the hand of technology, Coin Up is engaging people in the act of giving every single day. Reaching large numbers of donors, especially millennials, this innovative app transforms mundane transactions into large scale fundraising efforts.

Unite to Light, a Santa Barbara based nonprofit, joined forces with Coin Up to engage more donors with their cause.  Unite to Light provides low cost solar lighting to those without electricity.  Over one billion people worldwide are without electricity, Unite to Light hopes this new partnership will “bring awareness to this fact and enable everyone to be part of the solution,” Megan Birney, Unite to Light President says.

In its essence, Coin Up is about making the most of every single penny. By eliminating at least some of the stress nonprofits face regarding funding, Coin Up allows organizations to focus their energy on making a difference.

Giving feels good, and now with Coin Up, it’s easier than ever!  For more information visit or

—Danielle Moss


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