Block Party! Funk Zone Studio Artists Sampler

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Brad Nack Turkey Oil on canvas 60 x 48

Brad Nack, Turkey, Oil on canvas, 60 x 48

Art at MichaelKate presents Block Party! Funk Zone Studio Artists Sampler, featuring more than 18 artists, either with studios in the Funk Zone or past involvement in the development of the FZ art scene. Curated by Jan Ziegler. MichaelKate has been in its current location since 1997 and has always been supportive of local artists. Past curator at MichaelKate, artist Brad Nack (who has work in the show), was instrumental in promoting art in the Funk Zone as the area began emerging six years ago.

Marlyn Daggett Cakewalk Oil on canvas 30 x 40

Marlyn Daggett, Cakewalk, Oil on canvas, 30 x 40

MichaelKate Interiors is the only gallery in the Funk Zone with the wall space to accommodate so many of the neighborhood artists under one roof. This is a unique opportunity to view the works of this burgeoning arts community side-by-side in the same venue. Artists include: Michael Armour, Gregory Beeman, Liz Brady, Charlene Broudy, Erika Carter, Marlyn Daggett, Jeane Dentzel, Rick Doehring, Skye Gwilliam, Sol Hill, Philip Koplin, Barbara Leung Larson, Karen Lehrer, Dan Levin, Virginia McCracken, Brad Nack, Marcello Ricci, Jill Sattler and Dug Uyesaka.

Virginia McCracken Ted’s Den Mixed Media assemblage with paper mache figure

Virginia McCracken, Ted’s Den, Mixed Media assemblage with paper mache figure

SHOW DATES: September 9–November 6

Opening Reception date: September 16

Participating in the Funk Zone Art Walk: Friday, September 23, 5-8 p.m.

LOCATION: MichaelKate Interiors & Art Gallery, 132 Santa Barbara St.

Liz Brady Moon Jellies Oil and graphite on panel 24" x 36”

Liz Brady, Moon Jellies, Oil and graphite on panel, 24″ x 36”


Gregory Beeman "Brickyard Hues" Venetian Plaster, pigment, resin on board 48”x60"

Gregory Beeman, “Brickyard Hues,” Venetian Plaster, pigment, resin on board, 48”x 60″


Dug Uyesaka Untitled 2 Ink on vintage paper 30 x 24

Dug Uyesaka, Untitled 2, Ink on vintage paper, 30″ x 24″ 


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