“Femme: Women Healing the World” Shares Peaceful Vision

Posted on Apr 30 by SEASONS Magazine

“If you want to live, you have to change your ways,” says Emmanuel Itier, filmmaker and director of Femme: Women Healing the WorldItier’s peaceful agenda shines through in his documentary, an exploration of the world’s wealth of influential women and their hopes for a brighter future.

Femme takes viewers around the world to over 50 countries, where women of all ages, occupations, races and outlooks are interviewed. Itier describes Femme as a self-help movie about how to change yourself and thus change the world.

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“The movie is really a celebration of women healing and transforming the world,” Itier says. “As a man, we think of a natural dominant killing system. That’s what’s wrong in the world: we’re taught as boys to be killers.”

Itier’s philosophy stems from the belief in balancing the spirituality between men and women, finding equal footing in order to achieve peace across the globe. Thus, Femme builds on in-depth interviews with women as they paint a picture of what harmony really means. Though the women are asked the same few questions in order to get the interview rolling, eventually they begin a conversation, sharing their unique personal ideologies.

Itier is the CEO of Wonderland Entertainment Group, which “creates entertainment geared at uplifting the human spirit.” That’s certainly what a movie like Femme achieves; it’s not often we get a story told solely by women entrenched in the struggle of teaching future generations that peace cannot come from war.

“We need to change the way people think,” Itier says. “Now, we are at a crossroads. We have two choices: we keep fighting…or we’re going to drop our weapons.”

Santa Barbara’s ladies (and gents!) will love this film. If you missed the screening last weekend, be sure to check back here for more dates in the future.

—Chelsea Joy


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