Santa Barbara Design House and Gardens: Beautifully Seamless and Exquisitely Designed

Posted on Sep 24 by SEASONS Magazine

There are few houses that I’ve visited that have caused my jaw to literally and figuratively drop. Upon entering this year’s Santa Barbara Design House and Gardens, with its columned porch and exquisite entry, my mouth just couldn’t stay closed.

The 6 bedroom, 6 1/2 bath Hamptons-esque home, is an amalgamation of design genius and architectural prowess.  Each room hold its own artistic vision and voice, yet transitioning from the deep blues of the family room to the soft minty colors of the downstairs office seems seamless. The designers did an amazing job of adding their own character to each space without making the house seem scattered.

From the claw foot bathtubs and expansive closets to the eclectic modern art and perfectly selected wallpaper, nothing in the house seemed out of place. When the best in the business are working together, there’s something to love in every room.

If the interior doesn’t tug at your dream-house heart strings, surely the backyard will produce some oh’s and ah’s. Beautiful landscaping creates many private oases, including a vibrant rose garden and an authentic, oyster shell bocce ball court (one of my favorite features!). 250-year-old oak trees from the original property add to the greenery, whose beauty is complemented by the bright spurts of color present in the pillows and side tables placed around the pool deck and pavilion. It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place to soak up some sun.

All in all, I could go on for hours about every detail that tickled my fancy, but it’s something that just has to be seen for itself. The Santa Barbara Design House and Gardens, put on through the help and generosity of Joanie and Dennis Franz, will continue tours until October 7th, so get your tickets here ASAP. Also, just to add to the excitement of the home, admittance goes towards a great cause– the SB Design House and Gardens benefits the Junior League of Santa Barbara, working to help promote youth literacy in our community. So go! There’s only so many tour dates left, and this house will be up for sale before you can decide which room is your favorite.

-Taylor Micaela Davis



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