Marcia Burtt Studio Explores Landscapes in “Locus Amoenus”

Posted on Sep 12 by SEASONS Magazine

Flowers, gardens, pastures and ponds— these tranquil places create an idealized beauty in Marcia Burtt Studio‘s newest installation, “Locus Amoenus”, on exhibit from September 14 to November 4.

“Under the Old Sycamore” by Marcia Burtt

Seven artists come together for “Locus Amoenus”, using various natural locations as a means of idealizing different places. Michael Ferguson‘s vibrant flowers and ponds showcase beauty and vivacity, with tranquility alongside them in Marcia Burtt‘s paintings of a horse pasture. Anne Ward‘s domestic gardens and fruits and Jeff Yeomans‘ merging of nature and culture in urban oases further supplement this idea of perfect places, with viewers feeling absorbed in the locations they see.

Other artists on display in the gallery include Patricia Doyle, Ann Lofquist, Ian Roberts and Marilee Krause. Through the collection of these differing landscapes, the paintings turn the gallery into its own locus amoenus, Latin for “pleasant place.”

For more information on the exhibit, please click here. Also, check out our video with Marcia Burtt and other Oak Group artists here.

-Taylor Micaela Davis


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