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Posted on Jul 11 by SEASONS Magazine

Join DramaDogs this weekend, July 14-15, for a night of character vignettes, songs, and enlightening self-insight with DramaDogs does THEATER: Evocative and Provocative.

Courtesy of DramaDogs.org

The actors and actresses of DramaDogs—Ken Gilbert, E. Bonnie Lewis, and Michelle A. Osbourne—mature their empowering characters in a sort of “developing-by-doing” technique. Through rehearsals and performances, these actors delve deep into the psyche and experiences of their characters, deepening the creative process and offering the audience a crystal-clear window into the world of these people. In doing so, the actors hope to stir the spirits of the viewers and spawn a resounding connection, blurring the lines between character and audience.

The upcoming DramaDogs production does just that: through the actors’ devotion to becoming their characters, individuals real and imagined come to life onstage. Audiences glimpse themselves in the thoughts of Kim Downey as she works to establish her creative self, in the troubles of Terre Ouwehand (a young girl grappling with her parents’ divorce), in the doubts and questions of Hamlet, in the courage of the “Red Queen,” Margaret of Anjou, and in the excitement of beginning a journey as Orlando takes flight.

When the costumes come off and the theater is emptied, the DramaDogs meld education with entertainment by performing and teaching the importance of creativity in public and private schools.

All in all, DramaDogs works to bring the magical, expressionistic value of the theater to Santa Barbara, hoping that while viewing their shows, the audience identifies with the character and the creative process, answering questions about themselves that they may not have known they had.

Performances occur on Saturday, July 14 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, July 15 at 2 p.m at the Plaza Playhouse Theater in Carpinteria. Tickets are available at Curious Cup Bookstore. For more information on DramaDogs, please click here.

-Taylor Micaela Davis


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